Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Things I'm looking forward to: November

I thought I would start a monthly series of things I have coming up in the month that I'm looking forward to - obviously this will be a test-run before the fiesta of Christmas good times :)

1. Mini golf Hen's night!

A lovely lovely friend from work has organised another lovely friend from work's hen's function this Saturday. We're playing mini golf and then heading into Cloudland for nibbles and drinks.  I'm thinking of wearing this old favourite:

Dress: Tara Jarmon
Sandals: Nine West

I love the cut and colour of this dress - italways looks so chic and the colour is so bright and cheerful! I'm planning at this stage on pairing it with my Nine West tan stack heel sandals, as I think they will be more comfortable for mini golf compared to stilettos.

2. Chicago work trip

I'm going to Chicago for a conference on 29 November and will be back by 8 December, so I think this can definitely go in November's edition.  I've been researching Chicago eateries and in particular watching Man Finds Food - they did a Chicago episode which looked AMAZING!

I've also been researching Chicago weather and officially, I'm terrified - I still need to find a pair of boots! I do have a fabulous shearling coat though:

LK Bennett Fabia Coat

3. Cleaning out my wardrobe

I know it's nerdy and probably completely boring, but I love an organised closet.  On the weekend, I got to organise my fridge and I cannot wait to achieve the same perfection in my beautiful wardrobe :)

4. M coming back from Victoria

M has been away in Victoria for over a week and I really miss him - as soon-to-be newlyweds that's probably an excellent sign!!

December's edition will probably have a big focus on Christmas parties, presents and my birthday celebrations :) xo

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