Friday, 4 April 2014

Complete life and style overhaul - Part 2: Green smoothies

Let's assume part of the life and style overhaul involves shaking up my nutrition, one of the most obvious changes would be making sure I have a good breakfast every day.

Breakfasts are hard because I either have to get up at 5:00am to fit in morning workout, walk the dog, shower, dress, makeup and making and eating breakfast before frantically heading to  the office to be there by 7:30am OR I take stuff to work to eat at my desk, which never ends up happening because I'm too busy and the next thing I know, it's lunch time.

Bring on the green smoothie! I am kind of late to this trend but I am absolutely loving them. Having discussed morning options with my gorgeous girlfriends, I headed out on Sunday last weekend and purchased M's and my very first blender :)

Now recipes for green smoothies abound and they all have some form of kale, spinach, lettuce, celery in them. I'm trying various ones out and they turn out all sorts of colours:

It's not easy being green...but it is delicious
Pure Saturday morning awesome in a glass

I'm completely converted: I've gone from eating breakfast barely ever, to having something healthy and nutritious every day of the week!

Sidebar: how cute are these glass take-away cups?! From Wheel & Barrow, $16.95 for the larger size. I bought two large and one small (for tea).

Have you tried any green smoothie recipes? xo

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