Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Working Week: Colour-block chic

I'm finally gaining some normality back in my working day after 6 weeks of very short staffing and high demands.  Throughout this period, I've been incredibly impressed by my team and their efforts to help me stabilise the ship - it has not been easy!

So I'm back dressing with a bit more freedom and flair, not being so conscious of practicality and comfort and to celebrate, I busted out a fabulous colour-block top:

Top: Target
Pants: Maxmara
Shoes: Bally
Bag: LV

Blazer: Witchery

It's just starting to get chilly in the mornings and so I was glad to add this classic black blazer over the top. Putting this outfit together reminded me of the importance of proportion and cut. I have a black pleated/peplum-style jacket also, and sometimes I wonder if two black jackets is really necessary. However, when I tried the pleated jacket over this outfit, it didn't look good at all: it's slightly cropped in style, which left my bottom half kind of hanging out in the cold - not a good look!

On the other hand, the blazer pulled the look together perfectly, hitting my hips just right and nicely cinching my waist to emphasise my curves but without making me look disproportionate. Always best to go to work feeling confident and well-dressed, don't you think? xo

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