Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday nights in beige and cool blue

Dress: David Lawrence
Sandals: Nine West
 Bag: Chanel

It's the last Friday of our precious summer break and we celebrated by going out to dinner. I initially wanted to wear navy skinnies and a loose-fitting ivory blouse but I ended up choosing a dress because it was incredibly hot today and there was no rain this afternoon to cool things down. My beige Chanel has been getting an almost daily workout these holidays and I'm loving my tan stack-heel sandals from Nine West - so much more wearable with summer pieces than stiletto heels and fancier than flats.

M and I have been bitten by the "spring-cleaning/organisation" bug and have spent most of the past week slowly clearing cupboards and getting our apartment completely organised for the New Year. I will do a full post on the organising (and my long overdue wardrobe update) but here are just a couple of beyond naff teaser pics of my newly sorted bathroom:

Neatly filed nail polishes are the dream, no? I have to share because M isn't as excited as I assumed he would be and said I have to stop asking him to come and look at how organised our cupboards are :) xo

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