Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Things I'm looking forward to: January

New year, new diary...feeling organised....

Ok so this post is a little late, but I'm going to cram it in anyway because 2015 is still practically brand new and January is going to be pretty awesome because of these things:

1. Australia Day long weekend

Does it sound bad that I've been back at work after the Christmas/New Year break for one week and I'm already keen for a long weekend? It's not like that really, I'm actually loving being back at work but I still love a summer long weekend. M and our fat dog and I will be spending this year's down at my mother's beach house at the Gold Coast. Prawns, wine, swimming, sleep-ins - there is nothing about those four things I don't like :) 

Only one note of caution: my mother's place needs some work on the garden and I suggested M and I could lend a hand and do a bit of a working bee while we're there. She is enthusiastic, as is M, but not in quite the same way: M seems to regard my mother's taste, horticulturally, as somewhat limited and has no problem expressing this to her. She, in turn, feels free to ignore his opinion and tell him so. I've said I won't take sides but will arbitrate debates as I see fit. I'm a little nervous but we'll see how we go!

2. New Year resolutions - so far, so good

So January is a good tester month for resolutions and, honestly, so far mine are being kept. Food/lifestyle choices - check. Exercise - check. Swearing - ok, swearing has come a bit of a cropper but at least now I feel really bad when I swear, which is a new thing. Drinking - only on Friday or Saturday nights and only one glass, which is not a massive change from where I was but it's still a good, moderate weekly intake. As I said, my drinking isn't problematic, it's more that I want to be extremely proactive about it not becoming a problem ever. It sounds weird to describe my 'drinking' as not a problem since the term itself sounds so... problem-y...but hey, facts are facts: I drink alcohol. I'm going to be very matter of fact about making sure I do that in as healthy a way possible, both physiologically and psychologically ;) 

Also, my organisation and new grooming efforts are sticking so far: cupboards remain organised, I'm continuing to file stuff regularly and I'm using all the things tucked away specially in drawers, like the hand cream in the bedside table. Proper lipstick is being worn and reapplied every day. That alone makes me feel like I'm winning at life right there.

Which brings me to my final resolution: confidence.  After I returned from my trip to Chicago for work, I received a very significant promotion - I am now managing director of my company.  I have been doing most of the things MD would do for a long time, but it was a very sentimental moment actually receiving the promotion and new title. Now it feels real - I am responsible for the operations, direction and growth of the organisation and have to motivate my team to get the best results. I drew up a plan for 2015 before Christmas and spent the break refining it and I've come back to work in January and hit the ground running. Hence, the lateness of this post: girl has a massive amount of work going on! I'm taking ownership of this role and my decision-making. It feels very good so far.

3. Socialising

For some reason, I have a lot of lovely small social things coming up this month. Not major stuff, not fancy dinner parties for 10 or trips to the theatre. Kids' birthday parties, coffees/breakfast catch ups after Saturday pilates and occasional dinners out (or small dinners in with close friends). It kind of makes the festive season feel longer.

4. One more month closer to D-Day...

Actually, that should be W-Day...our wedding is in May and we will be one month closer after January. Yes, that's how the timeline works folks - what would you do without me?? 

Seriously though, wedding planning got very real after New Year's Day. M and I have been faffing about for months leading up to Christmas on a whole range of issues (the band vs DJ fiasco almost deserves a post of it's own) but this month we've suddenly become very focussed. M blames my promotion (he caught me writing out a planning-plan - you know, a plan for planning the wedding - and told me to back away from the to-do list post its). I think he's overreacting but whatever, it's working as far as I'm concerned: in the past week alone, we've booked a DJ, scheduled a consultation for flowers in February with pricing to be provided beforehand, set a time to get all the paperwork organised with the celebrant and sent off the wording for the wedding invitations to the printers. Go us. 

Whether you're kicking life goals already or slowly easing into the new year, have awesome January's everyone :) xo

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