Sunday, 15 February 2015

Things I'm looking forward to: belated February

Hello gorgeous...

Ok, so we're halfway through February already and this post is quite late. I whined yesterday, job demands, so busy, poor me, sob...

I say, there's still some of February to go and there's stuff I'm looking forward to so this post is happening anyway.

1. Valentine's Day

So officially, it's happened, it's over, I get how time works. But it was something I was totally looking forward to and on the day itself, I really enjoyed it. Given how rarely experiences live up to expectations, I count this as a definite win.

2. M's birthday

M is having a birthday this month and I am taking him and his lovely mother to dinner to celebrate. We're actually going to the restaurant where we're having the wedding and I'm so excited to take M and his mum so she can see it before the actual day and feel a little bit familiar.  I am looking forward to dressing up and treating my favourite man and his mum to a fancy night out. I still have to pick up his actual birthday present but this year he's been helpful and nominated an iPhone cover and some new aftershave. We have a couple of days at the beach planned for the weekend and I'm looking forward to a little bit of time away from the daily routine.

3. Office reboots and shiny new things

A couple of delicious things happened this month, including the plum Chanel flap pictured above. I love a new handbag as much as the next girl and this baby sang to me on the internet before finding her way to my wardrobe where she fits right in. It's nice to have a bit of a break from my usual black or beige accessories as well. I adore the Chanel flap for weekends when I want to feel that little bit fancier - natch.

I also rebooted my office decor and the results are fabulous. I shall post more details shortly :)

4. Melbourne Trip

I'm heading to Melbourne for a conference at the end of February and I'm excited about trying a couple of new restaurants, hitting some galleries and generally just chilling out for a weekend without laundry or other chores to do. I'm planning outfits now and I think my new bag might feature quite a bit :)


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