Monday, 16 June 2014

Cream and Leopard Print

Let me start by saying I adore Charlotte Olympia shoes. The whimsical designs, the quality and workmanship, the packaging - it all works.  I have bought a lot of shoes from different designers over the years and it's always disappointing when a premium price tag is not accompanied by a premium experience, be that uncomfortable design, poor workmanship, or cheap packaging that differs from high street shoe stores only by the name on the box (we all know who I'm talking about).

With Charlotte Olympia, it's all in the details: the gorgeous gold web on the sole; the sturdy box and careful inserts; the sweet blue-lace-top stockings with her wedding styles; the polaroid ready for sticking on the outside. I never feel nervous plunking down for Charlotte Olympia shoes, I know I'm getting a good thing.

Which brings me to my latest purchase. I have often been tempted by leopard print heels. Leopard print is a perennial style classic. It has stood the test of time.  However, it needs to be brought into each individual's wardrobe with care. Not everyone can pull off a leopard-print trench a la Angelina Jolie. The Louis Vuitton Leopard stole is certainly an option, but it's a little ubiquitous now, not to mention the weather here doesn't really allow for frequent wear, keeping that cost-per-wear high.

These leopard pumps by Charlotte Olympia ticked all the boxes for me:  classic print; design quirk with the black suede knot detail; great quality make and (best of all) scored for a steal from The Outnet:

Top: Witchery
Pants: Country Road
Heels: Charlotte Olympia
Bag: Chloe

With a statement heel like this, I prefer to keep the outfit simple in basic black, with my cream tote lightening the look overall. Yes, it's true - I haven't put this bag down since I got her :) xo

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