Monday, 9 June 2014

Office decoration - work in progress

My office was redone last week and M and I came in on Saturday to clean everything up and also hang some art.  This rose is one of my original photographs that a friend of mine very kindly framed up for me. Since  I own the artistic copyrights (natch) I had her print two so I can have this one in my office and the other at home :)

This chair is by French and English - it's called the Hepburn chair and I always call it the Audrey chair which confuses the poor sales staff no end - sorry guys :)

I think a well-ordered and aesthetically pleasing work space is incredibly important. I'm really happy with how my office looks now, it's not completely finished but the right paint colour is finally on the walls and I've got some art in mind as well as some nice touches for my desk. It is well on it's way to a space I really love and can work long hours in.

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