Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Complete life and style overhaul - Part 1

Hi everyone *sheepishgrin*

So I sort of dropped  of the face of the earth there, blog-wise, for a while. I recognise that this is not exactly what one is aiming for when one has taken the step of publishing a blog but still, it happened. I can't make it un-happen. However, I can provide context.

I got really sick in the last quarter of last year. It was one of those pervasive nasty viral things where you feel awful, you look awful, you act awful to all your loved ones, friends and work colleagues...and yet no-one says anything and you don't connect the dots to the point of asking "Hey, could there be something wrong with me?"

I finally went to see my GP in December after a trip away with M where I woke up every night crying because I was in too much pain to even roll over in bed and I had to ask him to roll me and sit me up so I could get up and go to the toilet. My GP (whom I love) asked me about my symptoms and when I told her how I had been feeling, she looked at me like I was a moron. She looked especially like this as me when I told her I had been feeling this way for more than 2 months.

So anyway, she took blood (props to my GP for her efforts: I do not like giving blood, or being the vicinity of needles or any of that sort of thing) and it turns out, aha! I was actually seriously seriously sick. So sick, she told me to take a month off immediately and spend every day in bed.

Of course, this isn't 1905 and we ladies unfortunately can't just pop off on a sea voyage with our companions whenever it suits us - have to  pay bills, amiright?

So I kept working but dropped back my hours to leave every day at 5pm, took a brief but very necessary break over Christmas/New Years and returned to work determined to  make 2014 my year - the year I lose weight and get back to my goal weight, the year I build my running fitness to 12km, the year I eat well, look great and feel amazing!

Anyway, it hasn't been like that the whole of this year. Work is still stressful, people don't always play fair or make sensible decisions and some of us will always have to be there on-call to pick up the pieces. But I am in  a better place, a new place,  where I feel allowed to prioritise myself more and take better care of myself. I no longer feel tired every day at 10am. I can get out of bed at 6:15am and not cry in the shower. I am exercising and eating well and really enjoying all of that as I slowly regain my energy and positivity.

So, all of that navel-gazing introspection out of the way, I wanted to get back posting because I read over all of them up to September last year and I felt like it was fun, what that girl was getting up to. I want to get back into that.

I hope you're all having happy and healthy 2014's so far :)  xo

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