Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Consider yourself engaged!

News! In between me dropping off the edge of the earth in September last year and me reigniting the blog yesterday, M and I became affianced, pledged our troth, made known our intention...however you say it, we got engaged :)

Put a ring on it!

Obviously, like any couple heading down that path, we had discussed getting engaged (ever since M had a few too many beers out with friends one night and blew up my phone repeatedly after midnight wanting to know if I would ever wear his ring!? #awkwardmorningafter)

Then we went through the embarrassing "Why haven't you asked me already?!" phase when I momentarily went completely insane and let the crazy girl well and truly out of the bag. I managed to get the reins on her but still, it was not a proud time for me #shamespiral

Still, even though we had discussed it and I knew it was imminent, it was still really lovely when he actually asked me, on New Year's Eve, with our dog Leo, walking in the park watching the fireworks over the city skyline.


  1. Congratulations darling and all the very best! Much love x S