Monday, 31 March 2014

Working Week: Outfit of the Day


One of the reasons I've been so harried recently is because work is a bit out of control - we've been quite short staffed despite our best efforts - so at the moment I'm starting early, doing multiple site visits each day and stepping into multiple roles. As a result, I need to dress a bit more practically (read: sensible shoes) than I usually do. Normally I'm quite corporate so my natural aesthetic is a little frustrated at the moment!  This is an outfit I would normally wear on a weekend, probably not to work but, well, work needs take precedence over any style quibbles...

Witchery tee
Country Road blush zip pants
Tods camel loafers
Louis Vuitton Speedy B

But it's not all bad - I'm still rocking a great bag and a good colour combo and I actually enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing I'm heading off to a frantically busy day at 7am but I will be comfortable and ready for anything all day!

I can save the heels for Friday night at the moment :) xo

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