Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cream and white summer weekends

Top: Vivienne Westwood
Jeans: Country Road
Bag: Chloe
Sandals: Country Road (new! Love :) 

Ta-da!! It is a fabulous Sunday evening and I am writing this with a glass of wine feeling quite tired but pleased at the end of a busy but delightful social weekend. Sunday has been very quiet and relaxed after Saturday's adventures, with a few minor errands only. I changed bags to my cream Chloe to lighten up for summer and also to go with my fabulous new jewelled flat sandals which arrived during the week. I am officially obsessed with them.

Our big dinner party took place last night. We had 10 friends over for a Christmas/end of year celebration. I was initially a little bit anxious about fitting everyone in (our apartment is spacious, no question, but still we don't tend to host 10 people every night of the week) and also catering for that number given the limited size of our oven etc. We borrowed some dining chairs from my lovely mother and boosted up our coffee table on magazines to extend the dining table (necessity is indeed the mother of invention). In the end it all worked out well, with great food, great music and fun conversation - the three essentials of good entertaining - and it went on until midnight. Who says we're getting old?! :) xo

Our Christmas playlist includes
Rudimental, Sheppard, One Republic and of course, Bing

French tarragon roast chickens - it was a bit of a squeeze in our oven
but we managed :) 

Cherries and dry roasted smoked almonds - unbelievably delicious!

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