Friday, 26 December 2014

Indulgent holiday mornings

Homemade blueberry pancakes. This is not the only serving I had...

It's that funny time between Christmas and New Year where time almost feels suspended and everyone is a bit vague about what day it is.  Because M and I rarely get time off, this time is just so precious. The flow-on of public holidays to the weekend is a wonderful opportunity for us to actually relax. In the spirit, I jumped out of bed this morning and made pancakes. And had time to sit down and eat them and read the paper. Bizarre but I could get used to it :)

While my mind is admittedly thinking up a long long list of chores I can tackle (kitchen cupboards, downstairs storage space, repot some herbs...stop it!) I am working on winding down a bit. We're partway through a Star Wars marathon (M is a massive fan, personally I like some of it but find the Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader development a bit whiny. And AS IF Natalie Portman's character would be into someone that petulant - Mr Lucas, you need some female perspective in your story development).

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a relaxed day with M and my mother doing nothing in particular. There may be afternoon drinks with some girlfriends but plans are pretty loose at this stage.

I think we'll spend today just tidying around the house a little bit before a nice equally indulgent dinner: pork belly and coleslaw and a glass of wine and perhaps some more Star Wars...

I hope everyone is getting to enjoy some real downtime before the new year :) xo

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