Sunday, 28 December 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

Oh my goodness - I'm 32 today!!! And something very special was waiting for me when I woke up...

Ok so that slightly naff series of step-by-step reveal pics is actually of my wedding ring - my dream wedding ring from Boucheron, which my darling M bought a couple of months ago but we agreed to wait until my birthday to actually open.

It was so beautifully wrapped and presented, I felt quite overwhelmed. There is a great sense of sentiment that attaches to such a significant and personal piece of jewellery. I can honestly say I've never anything like the gravity that comes from putting this ring on. It makes me take a breath and think "Ok. I get it. This man is going to take me, this passionately-in-love-but-nonetheless-deeply-flawed woman, to be his wife. I am so batting above my weight class."

As a superficial sidenote, never having bought anything from Boucheron before, how cool is the packaging?! Like something a ring from Hogwarts would be presented in, no? It's been tucked away now until our wedding day but it's official: starting to get real!

People sometimes assume having a birthday between Christmas and New Year is a raw deal but honestly, I've never found it to be that way.  Probably because I have an intensely thoughtful mother and a very sweet sister and kind group of friends. I get all sorts of calls and texts and general birthday wishes (many of them quite early in the morning, since everyone knows I love a sleep-in and frankly why would they pass up the opportunity to wake me early just because it's my birthday?) The day is just lovely.

It's been really hot and humid for the past couple of days and the rain has been drizzly and a bit off-putting.  After much debate, M and my mother settled on one of my favourite asian restaurants for a casual and relaxed lunch and I pulled this outfit together in about 5 minutes before dashing to catch the ferry across to the CBD:

Top: LK Bennett
Jeans: Country Road
Flats: Country Road
Bag: Chanel

My hair was definitely not playing ball today due to the humidity so I apologise for looking fuzzy! I wanted softer colours today so I chose this blush pink tank over navy skinnies combined with the classic beige Chanel. While it might be tempting to wear a silk dress in this weather, the truth is you sweat so much it just comes straight through so slightly darker colours and a light tank is definitely a safer choice for the conditions :)

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