Monday, 16 September 2013

House and Home: Statement wall colours

Our apartment is a space I'm very proud of - it allows me to work out all my pent up interior design ambitions. It has a fantastic layout starting with a small entrance alcove, which enters into the main dining/living area, with the open plan galley kitchen looking out towards an entertainer's balcony. The two bedrooms and bathrooms (an ensuite for the master bedroom) are off opposite sides of the living area which is very clever as it creates two 'wings' of the apartment, if you like. So it's all very private if you have guests staying and no awkward running into each other in your jammies in the middle of the night!

We went for dark timber laminate floors, grey carpets in the bedrooms and a combination of light and dark furniture. For example the sofas are all ivory leather and we have coffee, dining and side tables in travertine marble (*sigh* so pretty) but then we also have some dark pieces like the cube bookshelves and console table along the main living room wall. Décor is definitely a mix of high-low. I prefer to save money where I can (more money for fashion, no?) and frankly, some things are more fun when you do them yourself! Case in point: changing the wall colour.

Painting a room a different colour or simply painting one wall in a room as a feature is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen up your home. All you need is the paint, some plastic drop sheets, a couple of rollers, tape to protect your ceiling/skirting boards and a brush or two for the edges/corners and a spare afternoon to take your home from this:

To this:

Work in progress...

We went from a lovely very pale pink/white/ivory to a bold blue that lies somewhere between a royal and a navy, with petrol tones in certain light. No, I'm not a colour expert, that's just what I think it looks like :)   I love how going for a very bold colour has accentuated the neutral palette of the rest of the apartment and makes the art on the wall really pop!

Tricky reflection shot

What colours would you put in your home to brighten things up? xo

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