Monday, 9 September 2013

What an organised closet looks like...

Is there anything better than an organised closet? I think not...

Shoes, glorious shoes...
More shoes. No judging!

Yeah ok not actually my closet but hey, uber organised!
Don't think I'm being smug - this is my closet after a big (BIG) clearout and no, it definitely won't always look this pristine. But I love the fact that occasionally, you can have a really awesome looking closet like you see in fashion mags.

Our apartment has built-ins, not custom wardrobes and there isn't as much or as efficient storage as I would like. I find shoe storage difficult because I don't have custom racks and the shoe racks you can buy at places like Ikea leave everything open and I find shoes you're not wearing super often can get quite dusty - not good for Givenchy black suede, amiright?! And while some go down the 'store in their original boxes' route, I don't really like it - sometimes the boxes are damaged when you get them, also it's just not a very uniform look. Gal loves her symmetry!

Solution: Net-a-Porter boxes! Each has room for one pair, or two if they're flats or loafers. Kept with their original dust bags, nice and secure and the only thing that needs an occasional dust is the box itself! Now I don't have just Net-a-Porter boxes in those pics - sometimes, I do keep the original box, if it's in good condition. This enables me to fit three boxes per shelf on the shoe rack (the NAP boxes are a bit too big to fit three across). I write the contents on the front of the box using a fluoro pink post it (classy I know) and so when I went looking for my Tod's tan loafers, I just did a quick scan of the top of the boxes et voila!

Are you a storage nerd too? xo

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