Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Manicure madness!!

I get my nails done once a fortnight with gel. I've had gels on almost continuously since I was 26. Similar to getting my brows waxed, getting my manicure done is an essential part of my beauty routine - I've never been able to get polish to last longer than two days and I don't have time to be endlessly re-doing my nails. Gels are the perfect solution for me: done and dusted in a quick appointment and then I don't have to think about my nails for two weeks.

I keep my nails short and generally alternate between a clear/translucent pink-nude, a bright fabulous red, or a classic French manicure.



I got a bright red mani last time, the weather has been so gorgeous and I just felt like a lovely pop of colour to evoke the coming summer. The thing I notice about red nails is sometimes it affects what I feel like I can wear - something I would never even think of with a clear or French gel. I also tend to wear rings less with a red mani because I like to let the nail colour be the feature: when I have rings on with a red manicure, it sometimes feels like the jewellery is competing with the nails, if that makes sense.

This week I decided to revert to a French mani - we're off to the polo this weekend and I want to wear a colour-block dress with pink and white accents so I thought it would suit nicely :) xo

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