Monday, 9 September 2013

Working Week: Outfit of the Day

So clearly the weather gods thought I sounded a bit smug in my post yesterday about our fabulous blue skies and sunshine and they decided to send me this:


Sorry, grey days really get my mood down...well, they're ok if you can hang out in bed all day eating and watching movies in your jammies but if you have to go to work, not so much!

Anyway, it was pretty chilly this morning and there was a breeze about so I decided to layer up with this outfit:

Dress: DvF
Blouse: Joie
Shoes: Louboutin Simple 60s
Bag: Hermes Birkin

This DvF dress is a nice black jersey and while I typically wear it by itself, this morning I decided to try and layer up for a more versatile look. The first blouse I tried was a disaster - just my opinion, but I felt like I was auditioning for the Sound of Music - maybe the blouson-style sleeves just weren't working. The second blouse worked much better. This is the blouse from Joie that was also in a post from yesterday. It's so versatile and the colour works so nicely with black (not to mention my red hair) so I actually ended up buying two of them on sale to maximise longevity. I would wear it once a week.

Sorry about the small pics, I'm going to spend a bit of time this weekend researching how to get better pics and make them larger without losing resolution etc etc. I'm sure there's a very obvious quick fix but hey, I'm a total newbie at this and I'm learning :) xo

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