Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Grey Wednesdays and catch up!

Ok so I know that was naughty - I dropped out from blogging again! I feel terrible, but work has been more demanding (actually, let's be honest, work is always demanding) and I sometimes do get a bit down by how busy things get. It makes me feel like I don't have time for myself - sad face!

I shook myself out of it and started taking pics again. It's become deliciously cool here all of a sudden. We don't really have four distinct seasons in Queensland - it's more a case of hot one day, cold the next. I always enjoy winter in Queensland because the weather tends to stay lovely with clear blue skies and sunshine, but the temp (and more importantly, the humidity) drops so we can indulge in all the lovely cold-weather fashion staples the rest of the world gets to wear most of the time!

Something old and something new here today:

Top: Moschino
Pants: Country Road
Shoes: LK Bennett
Bag: Hermes
This top is really old. I bought it because of the whimsical rosette detail on the shoulder. I love how there are always pieces in every fashion lover's wardrobe that you come back to again and again because they just work perfectly. This top is quite unassuming but I always gets compliments whenever I wear it :)

I've paired it with Country Road Technical pants (still available online). I ordered these pants on my mother's recommendation - she is the queen of black pants!

My shoes are a fabulous new addition and I was so excited when they turned up last week - LK Bennett is a UK brand (favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge no less!) I found these kitten heel wedges in patent pink saffiano and thought they would be perfect both for work and play. The proportion is interesting, as the shape is undeniably professional and work-suitable yet the heel height keeps things comfortable. The same proportions work to make casual weekend outfits that little bit dressier. I love them and I think I'm going to get great cost-per-wear :)

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