Monday, 19 May 2014

Navy blouse and dark denim

I bought this navy MIH blouse (and the same again in ivory) for an absolute steal and it arrived yesterday so naturally I spent the evening playing dress up :) When I get something new, I always want to wear it straight away.

Top: MIH
Jeans: JBrand
Jacket: Country Road
Shoes: Bally
Bag:: Hermes
It's quite blouson and loose-fitting which makes it an unusual purchase for me in a way. I tend to avoid loose tops because of my bust as it tends to make me look one size all over. After the success of the skinny jeans from  Country Road however, I felt emboldened and took the plunge!

I love it. Navy is one of my favourite shades and the fact that this shirt is in a soft silk, it flows over the body (unlike a traditional stiff cotton business shirt) and the soft rounded collar adds to the femininity while avoiding pussy-bow fussiness. (Please note, I'm not against pussy-bow blouses per se, it's just with my bust, I know what's good for me and what I  need to learn to say no to ;)

The jacket also nips everything in nicely at the waist, so yay for Country Road again.

I'm hoping to pair this top with a pair of blush pink zip jeans I have later in the week or at the weekend - I love navy and pink together, it's such a gorgeous preppy combo. And I hate to say it, but since my foray into skinny pants, the silhouette of these jeans is starting to annoy me a little. Not badly, I'm just not loving the look as much as I once did. I'm going to go on the hunt for a couple of fresh pairs of JBrand's cigarette leg jeans (814s) when they replenish their sizes on the website.

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