Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Navy and white

It's Thursday!!

Ok, the reason  I'm quite excited is because this week, Thursday is my Friday because I'm having a day off tomorrow - happy dance!!  We're going to go down the coast and go fishing. We've both been working really long hours for the past month and we need a break :)

I threw my skinny jeans back on today:

Top: Country Road
Pants: Country Road
Jacket: Country Road
Shoes: LK Bennett
Bag: Hermes

Would you look at that: save for the shoes and the bag, I'm wearing Country Road head-to-toe. I never think of myself as consistently buying any one particular high street brand, but I suppose across enough seasons, I obviously have accumulated quite a few pieces from there.  Feel like I discovered something new about myself today :)

Have lovely weekends everyone xo

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