Monday, 2 March 2015

Blue tones

Blue shoes. Blue bag. Blue rug. 
Suede pumps first appeared a few seasons ago and now virtually every brand has at least one in their collection. They have become a true working wardrobe classic. Finding them in navy is sort of piling classic on top of classic!

I rely heavily on monochrome and neutral tones in my wardrobe generally. Where I do introduce colour, I like it to be really set off by the understated nature of whatever else I'm wearing. I adore my blue birkin and thought it would be fun to pair navy pumps with the bright blue bag, against a neutral top and black and white print pants:

Pants: Country Road
Heels: Pierre Hardy
Bag: Hermes
I do occasionally get asked about some of the furnishing in our apartment and I want to do a shout out to the navy and white wonder that is our living room rug. Secret? It's from Ikea and cost $59. It's one of those pieces that styles waaaaayyy more expensive and glamorous-looking than it is. I love my luxury, obviously, but I also have a dog and I like to security that comes from owning a rug that he can do an occasional sick on without me tearing my hair out.

Summary: go Ikea!

Day 2 of six weeks to sexy started like this:

The green smoothie is obviously an old favourite but what is that jar of amazingness, you ask?

It's homemade prawn pot noodle, inspired by this post by Lily Melrose

I didn't follow that exact recipe as I had to improvise using what I had at home. It's based on an asian noodle soup, the idea is you can pack the (mostly) dry ingredients in the sealed jar and take it to work, add boiling water at lunch et voila:

Honest feedback? I need to refine this as a working lunch option. I make a killer asian noodle soup for dinner quite regularly with either chicken or pork, so I think my expectations were probably a little high on the basis of that. I need to shop properly for the sauce base ingredients and work out the best noodles to use etc.

I saw it online yesterday and the truth is, I just get obsessed by things (especially food things) and decided I needed to try it immediately. All in all, it was a perfectly adequate working lunch but I want to try it a few more times to make it completely delicious. Then I'll post a full recipe :)

Hit Tuesday out of the park everyone xo

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