Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Casual Thursday

It's a thing: casual Thursday, because I have no meetings for the rest of the week and I am going to be chilling in my office (with my gorgeous fresh flowers that actually have a scent - I didn't even know scented roses existed outside of your nanna's garden anymore?)

I couldn't sleep this morning so got up early and walked the fat dog. Then came home, downed a green smoothie in record time and got ready for work. As I suspected, navy skinnies, flats and an ivory tank were calling my name, but I wanted something else, something more. I've been moaning over the past couple of weeks about how hot it is and how I'm seriously lusting for some autumnal fashion. So, despite the temps outside, I decided to add a scarf to my outfit today:

Top: LK Bennett
Pants: Country Road
Flats: Jimmy Choo
Scarf: Gucci
Bag: Hermes
This scarf is a classic old Gucci in a light and dark blue that goes really well with a lot of my wardrobe staples.  Because I went sleeveless, the scarf is just perfect for keeping me comfortable in the office aircon.  The bag keeps the blue theme going and just looks awesome all the time anyway :)

I want to start getting better photos going - a bit less 'me-in-the-mirror-trying-to-look-photogenic-with-an-iPhone-smack-in-front-of-my-head'. I'll let you know how that works out...

It's nearly the weekend kids - a good couple of days to nail away the last tasks of the week before the fun social weekend ahead. xo

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