Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Working week: black, white and beige

Top: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
Pants: Vince (available here)
Heels: Bally
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Work is so busy at the moment and still so hot! I'm eagerly scanning northern hemisphere blogs for coats and boots and scarves and generally feeling a bit put out that I have to slather sunscreen on every morning just to walk the dog. I know I shouldn't complain, the sunshine is good for general cheeriness, but still: maintaining one's chic while sweating profusely is no mean feat. 

Last night I went to a Pilates class and it was really tough but a good finish to a busy work day. I had one of those days where I started at 7am, left the office at 6:30pm and although I cleared loads off my desk, took phone calls and returned dozens of emails, I still didn't feel like I achieved all that much. 

Whenever I get like this, I try to shake it off (thanks Tay) with some loud music and some natural endorphins. Not pot brownies (I'm not that natural) but natural endorphins from exercise. I'm trying to go to Pilates twice a week. I'd really recommend it for anyone with a mostly sedentary job as it's great for core muscle strength and keeping your back strong (and pain-free!)

I got home around 8pm and was in the mood for some comfort food so I made a variation of my chicken noodle soup by subbing in frozen corn for zucchini and shallots, with loads of mushrooms and fresh chives from our herb garden:

This is quite a quick dinner to whip up and it's nicely low cal, especially if you choose to leave the egg noodles out. Obviously, I didn't: it was late, girl was hungry, bring me all the noodles!! 

I'm super sore today but it's the best kind of soreness - happy hump day, everyone :) xo

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