Monday, 2 March 2015

Things I'm looking forward to: March

As I write this, in my head there's a tiny version of me running around squealing because it is TWO MONTHS TO THE WEDDING today, officially.

Let's let that sink in for a moment...

So I haven't been posting these in a timely fashion and I have said I want to try and get this blog back on a track. With that in mind, allow me to present the things that are giving me butterflies this month:

1. Fresh flowers for my office

Having fresh flowers in my office is a new thing that I want to keep going since my fabulous office redecoration. The purple/magenta (guess who didn't do art at school?) beauties above are carnations, they cost $20 and lasted a full two weeks. Hands up, who's impressed? I sure am.

Now they did die a sad death over the weekend and when I came in this morning I spent about 15 minutes wondering vaguely 'What is that slightly rank smell?' Nice. Still, for value for money and longevity, I couldn't go past this bright punch of colour to smarten up an office and put us all on top productive game :)

2. Wedding (!!!)

Ok so this is officially number two below fresh flowers because it makes me feel a combination of excited and terrified, but mostly the excitement is starting to heat up because a lot of the decisions are made now. The only things pending really are hair and accessories. There's this delightful piece of frippery in the form of a clutch from Kate Spade which I am pretending to deliberate over whether I really need or not:

I know, it's stunning and I'm obviously going to buy it so I should just pull the trigger and be done with it. It goes perfectly with the shoes I'm wearing from Nine West:

I'm wearing these babies with my reception dress rather than my actual wedding dress. I sound like such a celeb, no?  The truth is, girl loves any reason to dress up and more dresses rather than less dresses always sounds better ;)

Wedding hair is currently under debate. I wear my hair up normally:

My hairdresser did an asymmetrical slightly rough/loose style which I really liked at the front where she gave me a (tiny) bit of height, but not so much at the back:

Bearing in mind, this was a very rough version that she did in a bit of a rush. It was based on these two looks that I found online:

The very neatly pulled-back look is more my style and I think I'm more comfortable with it. So I may have to trample on her creative dreams and be a boring client but I can live with that. I know the neat look needs some refining to look great from all angles - how I wear my hair everyday is a bit dull after all. I'm hoping we can work out a happy medium. I'll never be more photographed than on my wedding day (not being an actual celeb, so that's good) and I want to be sure that I love everything about my look on the day.

3. Family and friends lunch

In the spirit of wedding lead-up, my lovely mother is organising a ladies lunch with some very old family friends (as in, we've known them for ages, they aren't old people - just wanted to make that clear). It's not my hen's or anything like that, it's really just to have a chance to catch up before  We're going to Tinder Box on James St because their specialty is wood-fired pizzas and there is nothing on the menu I don't like.

4. Six weeks to sexy

As we're now officially 8 weeks to the wedding, I am kicking off a 6 week intense health focus with a view to dropping the last couple of kilos and toning my upper body. My plan is basically to adhere really strictly to the 5:2 fasting diet with elements of paleo. I will also be combining 20 minute high-intensity spin cycling sessions with 40 minute runs around Kangaroo Point and 2 Pilates classes a week.

I commenced March with a lovely green smoothie. I make a green smoothie for breakfast most mornings during the week. I find it really quick and easy, especially as I can take it to work and enjoy it at my desk. My usual recipe is:

- 1 tbsp A2 organic yoghurt
- 3/4 sliced fresh banana
- 1 handful of fresh spinach
- 3 ice cubes
- 1 tbsp honey

I hope March is a great month for everyone :) xo

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