Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hump day happiness!

Isn't it nice when we decide to make a change and we actually manage to keep it up? Ok, so fresh flowers for the office is hardly life-changing, but still, they're making my office look and feel fabulous, like an aesthetically-pleasing space I actually enjoy spending time in. Go me.

I am spending the rest of the week putting together a series of presentations we are giving later in the month to key stakeholders on the consumer side of our business. To be honest, I've been slightly procrastinating over it and, well, there's really no time for that! It's the old story: when you get so caught up in wanting to do a thing perfectly, you become frozen and can't move forward. I finally seem to have made it into a great productive headspace over it and things are now going ahead to plan. I put it down to the flowers :)

So given that I'm in creative-mode rather than business-mode, I'll be slightly more relaxed, outfit-wise, for the final two days at work and you know what that means: Jimmy Choo flats, come at me!

I've had a number of little pieces of deliciousness appear at work this week and I thought I'd share a little happiness around for Hump-day:

1. Tom Ford Plum Japonais

Ooooooh. Looks like someone got a bit fancy.

So I posted about my search for a 'date-night' fragrance and haven't had a great deal of luck, although I have found some really lovely perfumes. They simply haven't been quite...what I'm after.  This one has sufficient depth and smokiness to show promise. We're off to dinner on Friday night and then drinks on Saturday, so I shall be testing this one out on M.  I'll keep you posted, politely of course ;)

2. Stripes and slogans

Iris and Ink and Zoe Karssen 
Who doesn't love a Breton tee? When it comes with saffron stripes, it's like a unicorn made out of sunshine. If that was a thing.

The slogan top just made me giggle. Not everything has to be an outfit for work, these are two I can see fitting very nicely into my relaxed-weekend wardrobe.

3. Nude sandals

This bit hardly needs any content at all, just enjoy the glamour shots :)

Come to mumma...

I love a suede shoe and these strappy sandals are making me excited about dressing up weekend outfits that little bit more than usual. So much more fun than flats, no?

4. Streamlined accessories

Top: LK Bennett
Pants: Country Road
Heels: Bally
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Camel and taupe - delicious!
Sigh. This bag is a lesson in understatement. The colour is quite hard to describe (ok, it's probably not hard to describe for someone who actually knows the correct names for colours - I'm just not that person) but it goes with my outfits seamlessly.

Secret? I fell for this bag the moment I spotted Christine Lagarde carrying one at a recent forum on the Greek debt crisis. I'm such an economics nerd :)

Here she is hanging out in my office looking quite the professional:

Well, all those little things certainly cheered me up - I hope everyone is having good weeks - it's a sleigh ride now to Friday :) xo


  1. i really want to try some of tom ford's fragrances as well :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. They are delightful but I find a lot of them a bit overwhelming. I originally went to try the new Velvet Orchid but it didn't really work for me. The sales assistant suggested trying some in this line and I fell head of heels - smoky, dark and sensual - exactly what I think a date-night fragrance should be :)

      Thank you for your kind comment!