Sunday, 5 October 2014

Long weekend musings

Oh dear, I've been gone from this space for a while! I feel like I should be spanked or something - the truth is, no matter how stressful or time-consuming work and life get, I shouldn't forget to make time for blogging. I am going to definitely be more disciplined about it from now on. It makes me happy to be able to share some thoughts and some outfits and general musings on life, unlike my fairly serious everyday working life...

So how can I sum up the past three months when I basically dropped off the face of the Earth? A few highlights:

1. I have lost over 6kg (that's over 12 pounds for our imperial friends): I'm doing a combination of paleo and 5:2 and I must say, it is working an absolute treat. M and I have amped up our exercise as well, so I'm currently working out 4-5 days a week plus twice daily walks with our dog;

2. I have started to get quite excited about the wedding: dress, done; shoes, done; hair, ideas in play and hairdresser chosen; stationery, just about done; venue, done; DJ requested, just waiting to see if she's around or in LA at that time next year (she plays mega music festivals apparently - how glamorous of us);

3. M and I have made a coffee table (which looks fabulous, no?) and are considering our next DIY project;

I will do a full detailed post on how this DIY-lifestyle awesomeness came to be - stay tuned...

4. Some things happened: Chloe medium Paraty tote in black; Chanel classic double flap in black caviar with gold hardware; JBrand 811 jeans, multiple pairs; Nine West tan stack-heel summer sandals;

It's a fabulous long weekend this weekend and M and I managed to align the stars and get Friday off, as well as the public holiday on Monday.  We went out on Friday and had lunch at a casual restaurant - we felt like absolute tourists watching everyone else rushing back to work. We saw Gone Girl at the new cinemas in Fortitude Valley (good but not going to be everyone's cup of tea, noir female characters are hard to pull off). We went out for dinner on Thursday and Friday nights (Gordita on Thursday with friends; Green Tea for cheap and cheerful Thai on Friday).

The rest of the weekend is being spent cooking up a storm, doing odd jobs around the house, walking our fat dog and generally trying to relax as much as possible :)

And I promise I will get back to daily posts where possible. Below is a quick OOTD shot from heading out for a quick glass of wine at Summerhouse with a friend:

Top: Marcs
Jeans: JBrand
Flats: Nine West
Bag: Chanel
Dog: Leo ;) 
Take care everyone :) xo

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