Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wedding updates

So a couple of quick updates on progress to wedding:

1. I have found a dress to be my 'changing-into-for-dancing-later-in-the-night' dress from Rachel Gilbert:

It's the Paige dress in Powder and you can find it here 

My mother was actually the biggest proponent of the 2 dresses idea. She said after 7 or so hours in my wedding dress, I will probably feel like something knee length so I can boogie without worrying about the long dress.  Like always with mums, she's right. 

The challenge was finding a cocktail-ish style dress for evening that excited me as much as my wedding dress and I looked for absolutely AGES.  Then my maid of honour actually said she was looking at Rachel Gilbert dresses for her dress and suggested I look there - when I found the Paige dress in the blush pink colour, I fell in love :)

Full props to Rachel Gilbert customer service too - they were patient with me over the phone and discussed colour, hairstyles etc. They really wanted me to be happy with whatever decision I made, which is not that common in retail these days...

2. My wedding band arrived!! 

Ok, so I am really really excited about this.

This ring is my absolute dream wedding ring.  How it came about is, one night M and I were walking our fat dog and were chatting about what we would do if we won the lottery (I know *giggles*) I said we'd have a fantastic lunch, probably book a really nice holiday then if we had time, buy him a new car on the way home from lunch.  He said wouldn't I want to try on some jewellery and I said well, not really because I have beautiful jewellery already. He said there must be something you like and I said, well really the only thing would be this ring I've seen that I would love as my wedding band.

Then I showed it to him, he made some enquiries over the next couple of weeks and the next thing I know, we're going to Sydney to try it on!

I was absolutely not expecting to be given such a beautiful, special and stunning piece of jewellery to commemorate our marriage and I am blown away by how exceptional this ring is.  I feel very special and quite spoilt :) xo

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