Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tuesday in navy and red

Back to work and summer has definitely arrived - 29 degrees in Brisbane today, bright and sunny!

I know I've made this point before but it's worth reminding myself how important it is to dress and shop according to your climate. Paris/London/NY are all undeniably chic fashion capitals...but they're also northern hemisphere and quite temperate/cool (if not sometimes freezing) climates with distinct seasons.  Queensland isn't like that - there are about 3 weeks in June/July when you can get away with a knee-length trench coat (just). The rest of the time, it's warm and sunny and don't you forget it!

Now I'm not complaining - I sincerely enjoy our beautiful climate. It's just occasionally, glancing through international September issues of Vogue or London-based blogs, I don't know, I get wistful for defined seasons and gloves and scarves and things...

Anyway, back to reality where it's hot and the skies are a brilliant blue more often than not! I put this outfit together this morning, admittedly not feeling v inspired after a luxurious long weekend:
Top: Country Road
Pants: Chloe
Shoes: Valentino
Bag: Chanel 

Accessories up close...
These navy trousers are in a lovely light cotton and I felt quite nautical-inspired - the outfit is simple, deconstructed but office-professional and best of all, suits the blazing sunshine and the warm temperatures. 

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