Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Summer office dressing

It is 30+ degrees today, which for those of you in northern climes basically makes it impossible to dress in a traditional 'office-professional' way/full wool-crepe suit without your makeup sliding off your face 2 minutes after you walk out the door.

Since starting this blog and reading more from various style writers on the web, I've become more comfortable in developing my office wear to embrace the practical requirements of the climate I live in. I've posted previously about the cognitive disconnect from the editorial we see that is largely based on people living in cool climates and the realities of life in sub-tropical Brisbane.  Sometimes it can feel next to impossible to come up with an outfit that hits the trifecta: is comfortable/practical, makes you feel elegant and is suitable for the office.

But I think I managed it today and I'm pretty happy with it:

Top: Witchery
Pants: Country Road
Heels: Bally
Bag: Chloe
This ivory tank is a few seasons old but I still love it.  The perforated detail at the yoke adds an element of interest, though the tendency of the top to crease is frustrating - I didn't realise it was quite as crumply as that when I put it on!

The pants from Country Road are a definite warm weather staple for me. I'm not a shorts girl, I prefer my legs to be well covered and protected from sun. This leaves me heavily reliant on jeans, which can present their own challenge on really warm days! A light pair of pants is an absolute life-saver and if they're flattering and make you feel confident, then all the more reason to cheer!

This is not an outfit I would wear if I had meetings. Instead, it's something comfortable but still smart and suitable for a day spent clearing my desk :) xo

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