Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wooooohoooooo: Halloween is upon us!!

I don't know how you guys spent your Sunday, but at our house this happened:

No, those lollies are not decoration - they are the real deal my friend mwahahahaha...

So this is on our corner coffee table in our main lounge area that is pretty much where any and all seasonal decoration ends up happening.  Yes, there will be an entirely separate post when our Christmas tree goes up...

The lolly jars are all from Wheel & Barrow but they are a couple of years old now - still, I'm sure there are similar items available. This is my perfect idea of a grown-up version of Halloween, where yes, there is a pumpkin and there are lollies, but it still looks pretty damn fancy. Add a couple of spooky-themed cocktails and it's a very fabulous adult way to celebrate a traditional kids affair :)

Of course, in my opinion the ceramic pumpkin is pretty much the most exciting thing happening in the whole tableau. In fact, I would say this little guy is one of my most prized possessions in the entire apartment...and you have seen my bag collection...still, there's something just so endearing about a permanent pumpkin.

He actually broke in three places when I was driving around with him in the backseat (I still don't really know why he was there actually - possibly from when I originally moved - which would mean he'd been sitting there for about 12 months...) when M and I had just met. M mentioned casually as he was getting out of the car one day after being dropped at work "You know, you really have to move that thing, it's going to break." Naturally, I said "No he's not, he's fine."

About 3 minutes after that conversation and (thankfully) while M was NOT in the car, I slammed the brakes on when a lady pulled out unexpectedly and heard a classic crunch in the back as something fell on the pumpkin.  I then drove it home and hid it in our storage space so M wouldn't get to do his I-told-you-so dance. Even though it was early in the relationship, he'd gotten to do it a fair bit already and it wasn't one of the main things I really enjoyed about his company...

Earlier this year, we were cleaning out the storage space and I pretended to find the pumpkin and M, apparently having forgotten the entire conversation, offered to glue him back together - what a complete champ!

We don't have any young children in our building, so the sugar will probably be dispensed at early afternoon drinks on Saturday with friends :) Have a ghoulish Halloween everyone!! xo

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