Sunday, 12 October 2014

Monday Meetings

Monday mornings after spectacular weekends are always a bit blah, am I right? Sunday looked like this:

Yes, I know, life is hard...

So how could Monday possibly compare?

Irrespective, there was no time for philosophical musings as I had to get ready for work. Monday is always busy. Always.  Even if you think you've locked everything away neat and tidy on Friday evening, and have kept an eye on your emails over the weekend, Monday morning will always come tearing into your office (or sometimes it can't even wait that long and your phone starts buzzing on your bedside table) at a million miles an hour.

I have big meetings today, which I feel confident about but know I have to be 100% on and present the very best case for my company. So I figured I should at least look sharp doing it:

Top: LK Bennett
Pants: Country Road
Blazer: Witchery
Heels: Bally
Bag: Hermes

This is one of the divine crepe tank tops from LK Bennett that I've been pretty much obsessed with since they arrived in the post. Sadly, the pretty pink colour is all sold out #sadface but the ivory/cream colour is still there. Divine under jackets, tucked in with pencil skirts and loose and relaxed over skinny jeans or soft silk trousers.

Have good weeks everyone :) xo

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